Tea Tree & Green Clay Shea Butter Soap


Made with a carefully blended choice of natural oils and butters to create a moisturising bar of soap. Most soap on the market is made purely from palm oil, coconut oil and sometimes tallow (animal fat), which produce a cheap but harsh and drying bar of soap. Our soaps contain some coconut oil for effective cleansing, in addition to a high concentration of shea butter, olive oil and castor oil to add moisture and softness. One of the benefits of using handmade soap is that we do not remove the natural glycerine formed in the soap production process. This is usually removed during mass production by other companies to be sold as a cosmetic ingredient, but leaving it in the soap creates a much gentler and more moisturising product. We do not use palm oil or animal fats in our products.

Colours and shapes may vary slightly as these are natural soaps cut by hand.  

Approx 100g