Tangerine Shower Cream


Fragranced only with pure tangerine essential oil

The solution to dry skin: start your routine right! Use our Shower Creams for soft, clean, healthy and radiant skin. Our environment, the sun, central heating, and bad weather take enough of a toll and so our shower should work to restore moisture and not dry skin out further. We do not use ingredients which dry and aggravate the skin such as sulphates (e.g. SLS, SLES), petroleum, or parabens. The mild cleansers we use are both gentle and effective. We even add a special moisture complex for extra protection which will leave your skin feeling healthier after washing.

Special ingredients:

Tangerine essential oil is comforting and uplifting. The oil also helps to prevent and repair stretch marks and scarring of the skin. It balances dry and oily skin and helps to prevent spots and dryness.

Olive oil* is intensely hydrating but non-greasy.

Plant-derived mild cleansers work without irritating or drying skin out

Moisture complex leaves a skin moisturised after cleansing, which in time will start to look more radiant and healthy.

*organic ingredients