Choose 3 x Shea Butter Soap Bars for £12


All of our Shea Butter Soaps contain 5% Shea Butter, as well as a carefully blended range of natural oils and butters to create a hard yet moisturising bar of soap. Most soap on the market is mass produced from palm oils and quite often animal fats (tallowate), which produce a cheap but drying bar of soap, which is not good for your skin. Our soaps contain Coconut oil, in addition to a number of other oils, such as Olive and Castor oil, which balance out the properties of our soap. We do not use palm oil in our products as it we cannot guarantee that it is grown sustainably. 

Choose 3 of our Shea Butter Soap Bars and save £3 (20%). Have a look at the options currently listed on our website and let us know your choice in the comments of your order or send us an email with your order number.