Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create safe and effective plant-based products that are beneficial to our customers whilst holding ourselves responsible towards our environment. This is reflected in how we formulate, package, market and even ship our products. Here are some examples:


All of our products are cruelty-free. We have never used animals to test our products or used any animal-derived ingredients in our products. You will be surprised how often animal-derived ingredients are used in Europe without any clear labelling to indicate this. In cases such as glycerine or hyaluronic acid where an ingredient may be either plant- or animal-derived, we always ensure our materials come from a sustainable plant origin. Most of our products are suitable for vegans, with exception to some products containing beeswax and honey. Products that contain beeswax and honey will have this clearly stated in the item descriptions. All of our products are suitable for vegetarians.


Sustainable Ingredients

We use sustainable plant materials in our products and enquire about the supply chain of natural oils, butters and herbal components to ensure that it is ethical. Many of our plant-derived ingredients are also EcoCert or Organic Soil Association approved. The impact of the ingredients we use on the environment is always considered. For example all products containing a sun protection factor are produced with only natural mineral based UV filters. This is safer for our skin and for the environment as the alternative has been shown to damage coral reef as it washes off our skin into the water.


Honest Marketing

We do not use any ingredient purely for the purpose of making claims. If we state that any ingredient of interest is in our product, it is present in concentrations that will work. We also feel strongly about employing ethical and honest marketing techniques for our products, unlike the somewhat exaggerated and fear-based tactics used by other companies. This is often used to confuse customers about what is safe and what is not, leading them to purchase products with a long “free-from” list. Ingredients that we have stated that we avoid are based on clinical evidence of their ability to cause allergies, dermatitis and other adverse effects in some populations, as well as damage to skin and hair.  We would like our products to be a safe alternative for those with sensitive skin, eczema, or a history of skin reactions to other products.


As much as we try to use organic grade plant materials (oils, herbs and derivatives) in our products, we do not market ourselves as an “organic” brand. This is because it is not possible to produce 100% organic products for all applications. Many product lines such as shampoos and shower creams contain plant-derived cleansers; however the modifications that convert the natural oils into these cleansers means that the resulting ingredient could not be called “organic”. If a product is not 100% organic, it feels misleading to label it as an “organic product” based on the presence of some organic content. We would also not leave out beneficial natural ingredients from a product purely to protect its organic status. Many plant materials are not available in organic grade, or worse, the organic grade is not environmentally sustainable (more on this in one of our blog posts). We prioritise the health of our environment, the welfare of farm workers and the continued presence of our remaining rainforests over the ability to make attractive organic claims.


Safe & Recyclable Packaging

We use the minimum amount of packaging that will safely protect our products and help you make the best use out of them. We ensure that all products that do not need to be in glass containers (most of them) are packaged in a safe recyclable plastic alternative. This means ensuring that all plastic packaging is BPA- and BPS-free. PET packaging is our preferred choice for most products as this is easily recyclable and uses 10% of the energy required by some other plastics to do so. We hope that you recycle our packaging after you have used our products, but if put in a landfill, PET also does not leach harmful chemicals into the soil upon degrading as other plastics do.


Honest Pricing

This is something we bear in mind as we try to keep our prices down for customers. As the creator of this brand, I originally designed these products as a safe and natural alternative to products available to me when I was a pharmacy student. This project started for me as a reaction to not being able to find the natural products that I needed. I found companies that marketed themselves as natural, using sustainable packaging but harmful ingredients, or companies using natural ingredients but also using parabens and sulphates. I found that products that met most of my criteria were usually overpriced and not widely available. Running a natural cosmetics business is expensive and we price our products to keep our business sustainable. However, we started this business to share our products with our community and to make natural, safe, high-quality products more accessible and we will not charge you a premium for the "natural" privilege.

Products for all of us

Last but not least: We are very proud of our products and we have chosen to share with you the products that we have been using ourselves!