Our Ingredients

All of our products are suitable for vegetarians. Most of our products are also suitable for vegans, with exception of some products which contain honey and beeswax. Products that contain honey or beeswax will have this clearly stated in the item descriptions.

Ingredients we use

Plant oils are used as moisturisers and carriers in our products. We do not use any cheap filler ingredients such as petroleum and mineral oil to bulk up our products. The best plant oils are chosen for each product and its specific uses. We particularly love to use shea butter, cocoa butter, olive, soya, evening primrose and rosehip oils for their deep moisturisation and anti-aging properties. Argan, avocado, coconut, mango and grapeseed oils are some of the oils used in our hair care range for their moisturising and reparative properties. Most of these, such as our shea butter, cocoa butter and rosehip oil are also organic grade.

Essential oils are used for both their fragrant and therapeutic properties. Many of our products are fragranced purely with essential oils such as some of our floral and fruity hand & body products. Essential oils are used in all our skincare and aromatherapy products for their therapeutic benefits to the skin and body as a whole.

Allergen-free fragrances for those who love fragrances such as almond, coconut and strawberry. Unfortunately these fragrances are not available in any natural form such as essential oils, but by using allergen-free fragrances, they are suitable for all skin types. They are also a good choice for people who are allergic to certain essential oils.

Herb, Fruit and Flower extracts are used for their therapeutic properties at concentrations that really work. These are completely natural vegetarian and vegan friendly ingredients, and include powerful antioxidants such as organic green tea extract.

Vegetable proteins and moisturisers. All proteins used in our skincare and hair care ranges, including our keratin products are from plant origin. We check every single ingredient that could originate from either plant or animal origin, such as glycerine or hyaluronic acid to make sure that they are of plant origin.

Mineral and herb-based natural colours where colour is needed. Whilst most of our products are colour-free, products requiring colours are usually mineral or plant based. Occasionally we need to use safe synthetics in some of our bath bombs and soaps to achieve certain colours and these are clearly listed.

Mineral water to ensure the purity of our products.

Safe and effective plant-derived active ingredients. We do not use any of the harmful chemicals widely present in the cosmetics market. For more information, see “Ingredients We Avoid”.


Ingredients we avoid

There are a number of ingredients known to cause irritation and skin problems that are still used routinely in high street and mass market brands due to their cheap cost. This is something we actively avoid, because this brand is built on a different philosophy of producing an alternative to these products. It is somewhat of a false economy if using cheaper ingredients causes damage that subsequently requires further products to fix. We also do not believe in using harsh ingredients that may achieve results in the short term, but which will take a toll on your skin and hair in the long term. Ingredients that you will definitely not find in our products include:

  • Sulphate cleansers such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) – these are harsh chemicals used in shampoos and shower gels, known to cause and aggravate dry and sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.
  • Paraben preservatives – the culprit in many cases of contact dermatitis from skincare products.
  • Petroleum/paraffin/mineral oil - these can block pores and suppress normal skin functions. We use only natural plant derived oils which benefit the skin type that each individual product is made for.
  • Lanolin (wool fat) - used as an emulsifier by some cosmetic companies. This is a known allergen.
  • Tallow – this is fat derived from slaughtered animals often used as an ingredient to make soap and lipstick. You will find it in the ingredient list of soaps made by popular skincare and baby brands listed as “sodium tallowate”. No animals of any kind were harmed to make our products.
  • Borax – a toxic and possibly carcinogenic emulsifier still used by companies claiming to sell natural handmade cosmetics.
  • Triethanolamine – an irritant and carcinogenic ingredient.
  • Cocamide DEA - a highly irritant foaming enhancer and thickener found in shampoos and body washes.
  • Palm oil - this is not always sustainably sourced. Anything we use that is derived from palm oil is required to be sustainably sourced.